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Dr.Marella Sri Ramakrishna is a disciple of Vedamurthy, Taponishta, Yugadrasta, Nishakalanka Prajnavatara Pt. Srirama Sharma Acharya

Dr.Marella Sri RamaKrishna was born on October 14, 1948 in a small village called Machilipatnam, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh State, India. He is the eldest son of Sri Marella Kamaraju, Smt.Sakkubai. He holds a doctorate in Chemistry.
The foundation for His Spiritual Life:
Benares is the spiritual capital of India and arguably to the whole world. It is recognized as the Mecca of Hinduism. From his childhood days to Doctorate days Dr Marella Sri RamaKrishna used every day of his life learning the essence of Spiritualism under many a Masters at Benares. He mastered the practices taught by these Masters very fast to the joy of His Masters.
Sri Someswara Rao, the grandfather of Dr Marella Sri RamaKrishna guided him to this path since childhood. As a bee moves from flower to flower in search of nectar Dr. R.K underwent discipleship of 39 Gurus. Finally, he met his Guru in Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya.

Pt. Sriram Sharma Acharya is a Vedamurthy – One who has command over the Vedas Taponishtha – One whose principal habit is Tapas (Penance) Yugadrashta – A visionary who is the forerunner of the era and is known as the Viswamitra of Modern Age. He has translated all the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads into a form understandable by common men. His idea of Thought Revolution is a milestone in Spiritual History of Mankind

Under the directions of his Guru, Dr. R.K started his spiritual work in Andhra Pradesh State. Dr. R.K's penance includes his complete surrender to his Master as a celibate Workshops or Sadhana Shibirs Conducted by Dr Marella Sri RamaKrishna:
Panchakosha Jagarana Shibir (the enlightenment in 5 Sheaths of Man:- Anandmaya, Vignanamaya, Manomaya, Pranamaya, Annamaya-the sheath of bliss, the sheath of intellect, the sheath of mental powers, the sheath of Prana or energy, the sheath of food)
Pindanda Brahmanda samnvaya shibir (the fusion of Micro and Macro Cosmic powers in Man) Sri Datta Sadhana Shibir (Dattatreya directs every descent of avatar, teacher or Guru in our Solar System) Savitri Kundalini shibir (Kundalini Awakening)
Sri Mahalaxmi sadhana shibir (How to worship the goddess of richness)
Sai Mahalaxmi shibir (the male and female powers of richness)
Jeevandevata Sadhana - (aradhana sadhana shibir how to live and enjoy or the art of living)
The U.S.A. shibir (U for Upasana or worship, S for Sadhana or practice, A for Aradhana or praying with love)
The art of living as taught in Srimadbhagavatam
The art of living as taught in Bhagavadgita
The Psychology of Richness
The importance of Beeja Mantras (single mono syllables of sanskrit chanted for awakening of related part of the body)
The shibir for awakening Divine forces (devata shakti Jagarana Shibir)
The shibir of Prahlada( how to be an ardent devotee of Logos or Narayana or Fohat)
Rishikalpa sadhana Shibir (how to live like Rishis in this Modern age)
Govardhana Utthana Shibir (the incident in Srikrishna life where he protected Yadavas from Divine forces by lifting a hillock with his ring finger symbolically explaining how to protect your personal interests from temptations)
Divyastra Nirman Shibir(the camp in which he explained how to cultivate the divine qualities in oneself just like Rishis of ancient ages doing the penance for Divine powers)
Nirantara Samartha Sadhguru Sparsha Shibir (this camp is for the true disciples who can feel the guru 24*7)
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